2014. szeptember 30.

AVL visit

The members of Megameter team were inspired and motivated by one of the world leader engine developing companies at AVL headquater in Graz.
Thank you very much for your hospitality and for the guided tour!

2014. szeptember 18.

Our consumption: 2809 km/litre - 1. Place - 39. Finnish Mileage Marathon

We are delighted to share with you that our team managed to win again at the energy-efficient vehicle race in Nokia on the 23th and 24th of August 2014. Generally fewer teams are participating at the 39th Finnish Mileage Marathon than any other races, but besides college/university students, engineering teams take also part, which means a big challenge for us. Last year we succeed to cross over the 3000 km/litre and with the consumption of 3082 km/litre, we not only reached the Hungarian best results, but we got the title of the second lowest consumption vehicle on the world in the category of gasoline engine.

During the race we had sudden rain, violent wind and cool weather, which have tested all the team members and the vehicle. On Friday's free practice the car was adjusted to the race track. The following competition days (Saturday and Sunday) the race was interrupted by the changeable weather many times. Finally, we had almost 100 km measured laps. With our best result 2809 km/litre, we gained overall winner title in the gasoline category. Unfortunately, our record couldn't be beat by us, but we are satisfied with our victory and with the fact that the winning cup is in Kecskemét again.

2014. május 29.

Challenge EducEco 2014. május 29. - 31. (Franciaország, Toulouse)

31th of May, 2014
We closed the EducEco Challenge with a great success in the French Toulouse. We reached first place in our category and the Prototype Grand Prix Award. We also won two special award, one for the design and one for the technical innovation. Website of the competition, where the results can also be
In this year, the number of competitors has beat last year’s record with more than one hundred teams.
We would like to say a big thank you to all, who followed us before and during the competition and cheered for us. We also would like to thank the support and help to all supporters and sponsors who helped us to reach this amazing success. We could not have made it without them.

30th of May, 2014
The weather was rainy throughout the entire forenoon in Toulouse, so nobody were able to go on track. In the afternoon, the sun has finally appeared, so we were able to take the first measured attempt, which put us to the first place with 2434 km/l. There was a special prize award ceremony in the evening. We are happy to announce, that we won two trophy, one for the design, and one for the technical innovation. Tomorrow, we will have one chance to decrease our fuel consumption, we hope, that the weather is going to be on our side.

29th of May, 2014
We arrived to Toulouse on the 28th of May to take part in the EducEco Challenge. In the early morning, we were to first to complete the technical inspection successfully, and then, in the afternoon, we have had our first test in the urban track of Toulouse. We did nineteen laps, and from this we managed to create our own strategy for tomorrow’s race. There will be measured attempts both in the forenoon and afternoon.

2014. május 12.

SHELL Eco-Marathon 2014 - Rotterdam

The 2014 Shell Eco-marathon Europe has officially ended. Unfortunately, we were not able to perform the expected fuel consumption. On the last day, we checked everything, from A to Z, but we did not find the mistake. Finally, we reached the third place with 2096 km/litre consumption. Even bad things happen, some good can also come. In this way, we won the Technical Innovation Award for the innovative development works. A team, also from Kecskemét, the Kálmán Kandó Secondary and Vocational School has won the Design Award for their outstanding design and quality implementation. We are proud of them.
We hope, that we will get to a higher level on the podium in the french Toulouse.

Thank you for your support and help!

16th of May, 2014
The competitive races have been started today in Rotterdam. We have had a tiny technical problem during the first attempt, so we were not able to finish the run. The overpressure has disappeared from the pneumatic system, so the fuel pressure was not enough to continue the race. We have had to stop during the second attempt as well, because of a smaller accident. For security reasons, we needed to go back again to the paddock. But now, we repaired everything on the vehicle, and we are ready for tomorrow. We hope that the track will not be crowded.

15th of May, 2014
Today, we did successful test laps on the track without any particular problem. We also recorded the terrain relations of the new track, which with we are able to create the most suitable engine start strategy. Of course, Viktória drives more carefully and adept, who was the first to roll onto the track in this year. The track direction change has made a new challenge to every single team, it is barely possible to take a lap without some damage, or even a roll-over. Unbelieveable accidents can be seen during the test day. Several roll-overs were happened in Turn 1. The weather is amazing, we hope that it will remain good for the rest of the competition. On tomorrow, there will be test laps like today. We will take the advantage of this time and make optimisation on the desired strategy. We will also make adjustments on the vehicle. Tomorrow will be the day for measured attempts. We will try to do the runs as fast as we can to have at least one measured attempt in our pocket. After this, it will be easier to make the top adjustments on the engine and undercarriage.

13th of May, 2014

Our vehicle passed the technical inspection as first without any problems. Tomorrow will be the first practice day, so we will take the advantage of the successful inspection. Similarly to the previous years, we attracted the attention of the technical jury with our solutions.

12th of May, 2014
We successfully arrived to Rotterdam after a ten hour trip, we took over our paddock and right now we are preparing for tomorrow’s technical inspection. The weather is quite variable, 10 minutes of pouring rain, and then 10 minutes of sunshine, but we hope it will be better during the measured attempts. Stay tuned for further informations tomorrow.

2014. may 5.

WTCC Grand Prix on the Hungaroring

The team was able to participate in this year’s WTCC (World Touring Car Championship) Hungaroring Grand Prix, thanks to the invitation from Eurosport and Shell. Our vehicle was exhibited for the public in the paddock area, and we also made a reportage with the Hungarian WTCC champion, Norbert Michelisz. It was an uplifting experience, that we were able to roll on the Hungaroring track with the Megameter before a huge Hungarian crowd. We would like to thank the inquiry and the fantastic cheerleading to the audience. This gave us a big momentum to the team, since next week we will go to the biggest energy-efficient competition of all around Europe, the Shell Eco-Marathon.

2014. március 27.

SHELL ECO MARATHON 2014 -The countdown launched

2014. március 25.


The team has participated in this year's INTERNATIONAL CAR, MOTORBIKE AND TUNING SHOW in Budapest between 21-23 March, 2014, where our vehicle, the Megameter was also exhibited beside many interesting and stunning vehicles from all around the world.
In addition we held a little presentation during the event in the main stage to provide the audience a broad picture of us and our efforts in the field of energy efficiency and vehicle development. The team would like to thank the inquiry and the congratulations to all visitors!

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