What is Eco-marathon?

Shell Eco-marathon is the biggest in the energy-efficient vehicle’s race: Approximately 400 teams participate in these races from 3 continents. These teams are organized by students from all over the world, and able to participate with their self-constructed and designed energy-efficient vehicle. The winning vehicle is which can take the furthest distance with the least energy consumption. Approximately 3000 students compete, each other in the one week event.

According to the use of the vehicle, teams can compete in the different categories.

The driving engine and the energy sources can be:

The race is fully transacted (schedule, regulations, entries, correspondence, technical and safety vehicle inspection, travel management, awarding) in English language. This is a good language practice for our students.

The race starts with a really accurate technical inspection, sometimes it takes about and hour. Team members and the driver is in a radio connection during the race. Team members pay attention to the events which happens during the race, they count lap times, and they try to navigate the pilot as it is possible. In the end of the race, the race commitee specify the fuel consumption, and gives a precise result in km/litre unit.

Prototype vehicle:

UrbanConcept vehicle:

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Gyuri Motor Kft.

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